Ecotherma is a hotel near the Bulgarian resort of Golden Sands. The hotel’s
spacious grounds house a range of restaurants and a variety of hotels that include
family villas, luxury rooms, and even a wing for summer sports camps.
In order to create the brand identity and an easy wayfinding system, we needed to
find a solution that united all of the hotel facilities and emphasized its ecological

Each of the hotel’s locations got its own logo in a square frame and a specific
colorway, each logo harmonizing with the others.

The entire identity was created in four languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, and
German. We developed a range of assets for this project, including 10 logos for the
different wings and villas of the hotel, maps of the hotel grounds, a unique corporate
style, menus for the hotel’s 7 restaurants, as well as for the spa and the bar, guest
package design, and much more.

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