A Gift Edition of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

In creating this unique edition, we decided to highlight the significance of George
Orwell’s novel in all the artistic details and techniques.

We were inspired by the author’s idea to represent, through the story of the farm and
its residents, the principles of life that form the basis of a society in which inequality
is enshrined in law, where brown-nosing authority figures are rewarded, and where
the differences between the party propaganda and real life are stark.

One of the main techniques used in the illustrations is overlay; our print team also
utilized the principle of contrast. We turned to digitized illustration to both make the
characters more expressive and to convey the general atmosphere of artificiality and
theatricality in the characterization of the farm animals that live without human

We also utilized transparent overlays: the reader is invited to play a game where one
image is overlaid on another. Each chapter begins with a half-title page that contains
illustrations, stylized to look like anatomical drawings with inscriptions in Latin and a
large overlay of the chapter number.

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